Search Less. Discover More.

Search Less. Discover More.

Discover hidden connections in Biomedicine and Life Science with Sapiens’ Explainable AI (xAI).

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From a life science paper published every 3 seconds to Petabytes (PBs) of data available to scientists today, the growing abundance of niche tools and fractured data sources cannot effectively solve modern biotechnology challenges. Scientific revolutions and impactful solutions demand integrated, cross-disciplinary approaches.
Sapiens is a cloud-based platform where scientists discover hidden connections from disparate data, generate hypotheses and make decisions together, all on the browser. Under the hood is a rapidly expanding semantic web with knowledge integrated and contextualized from vast corpus of multi-modal biomedical data scattered across multiple silos.
Operate at the level of ideas and discover insights that really matter.
Number of relationships
Biomedical Publications
Genes, Proteins & Pathways
Number of relationships
Biomedical Publications
Genes, Proteins & Pathways

Discover the Power of Sapiens

Semantic Search

Conduct semantic and conceptual searches in natural language, on concepts, and ideas, not just papers and authors. Leverage Sapiens’ vast knowledge network synthesized from disparate data sources. Generate objective hypotheses based on totality of information instead of ‘best guesses’ based on limited access to evidence.

Discover new insights with no-code interface

Visualize, navigate and manipulate knowledge connections in 3D via Sapiens’ intuitive and immersive Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows you to discover new insights exponentially faster than traditional 1D databases and command-line tools.

Discover beyond just text

Experience the speed of accessing knowledge from many data sources, via one interface. No code! No command-line!

Live Collaboration

Collaborate and communicate efficiently with our expanding suite of live collaboration tools. Generate hypotheses, share them with your team, test and validate them in real-time, and make informed decisions. Sapiens, is to biomedical researchers and scientists what Figma is to Design and Google Docs is to text editing.

What we offer

Semantic and Conceptual Search
Molecular Data
Pharmacological Information
Pathogen and Microbial Information
Scientific Literature [beta]
Top-Down/Search in Graph
Bottom-Up/Hierarchical Concept Delivery
Save and Share
Tag and Annotate Concepts
Persistent Graph

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